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Printing High-Security Documents

Discover the various printing techniques and security features used in the production of high-security documents such as passports and national ID cards. It highlights the importance of using multiple layers of security features, such as holograms, UV inks, and microtext, to prevent counterfeiting and ensure the authenticity of the document.

The article also discusses the use of specialized printing equipment and software to ensure high-quality, secure printing.


DigitaliD is a mobile-based solution that allows citizens to store and access their personal and identity documents securely. The solution is compliant with ISO/IEC 18013 and ICAO 9303 standards, ensuring that it meets international standards for electronic identification.

DigitaliD is highly adaptable and customizable, with an intuitive and user-friendly interface compatible with most mobile devices. The solution offers advanced encryption protocols, biometric authentication, and data signing to ensure data integrity and security. DigitaliD is scalable and can be updated regularly to meet growing user needs.


PayCode is a payment system that allows customers to pay for official documents, such as passports or ID cards, by generating a unique and secure QR code. The QR code can be paid for by card or cash, and can be generated offline as well.

PayCode also provides reports of payment information and has additional features to adapt to different businesses. It has already been implemented successfully in Zimbabwe.


DocSeal is an electronic signature solution that enables secure signing and sealing of documents, while also ensuring the verification of document authenticity. The platform's group management system allows for easy document sharing within an organization.

By adopting DocSeal, companies can save time and increase productivity by reducing paper document management costs and simplifying access to services. Additionally, DocSeal offers a modern and sustainable image and enhanced security through the use of encrypted digital certificates.

Optical Character Recognition

OCR is a mobile app for scanning content of identity documents (MRZ and chips). Once scanned, the app displays all the data retrieved. It allows users to easily extract relevant information from identity documents, making it a valuable tool for a wide range of applications.

The user-friendly app has potential uses in various industries, including border control and identity verification in banks, hotels, and other organizations. OCR also has great potential for use in places such as embassies and consulates, where identity verification is critical for visa and travel document applications.


ValiD is a web service that provides secure and reliable authentication solutions for businesses and organizations worldwide. With an intuitive and fast authentication process, ValiD allows users to easily access websites from anywhere while ensuring strong security through two-factor authentication.

ValiD's service also allows websites to register and specify their accepted identities, callback URLs, and other settings, providing a hassle-free experience for both businesses and their customers.

Citizen Services

Citizen Services is an online portal that enables citizen to interact with online government services (request a birth certificate extract, ...) with the ability to easily track and check the status of their cases online.

The solution comes with an admin interface to take action on the cases within the app for government agents.

It also offers citizens an easy and convenient way to access essential documentation.


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